Join Our Official Discord!

By Mattactular


31/5/2019 | We have now officially opened a community discord for anyone to keep up to date with ArmedGG!. We will be adding more divisions in the future and looking to expand as we go along. For anymore questions then please feel free to contact us through our twitter @ArmedGG or by business email: DISCORD LINK:

ArmedGG 2019 | Created by @wizardzeb

ArmedGG is a growing team of gamers, streamers, and other creators. We accept all gamers whether they play FPS, RPG or casual playthroughs! ArmedGG members are free to stream or play whatever game they want. However, if you are more of a competitive player, we have that too. ArmedGG is on the path to Professional ESports gaming but we will need your help before we can make any big steps. If you are interested in joining a team please contact us via social media.